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Brand Tracking Study
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How is my brand performing over time?

Stewards of the world’s most successful brands know that a one-time snapshot of brand health is immensely valuable, but it’s inadequate for measuring progress over time.  That’s why they regularly track the health of their brands on a quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis. 

Research Rabbit’s
Brand Tracking Study is the easy and economical way to track your brand’s overall health.  Periodic fielding of this survey will reliably convey how well your brand is progressing on each of several validated tracking measures, including purchasing funnel performance, category share, functional and emotional associations, user imagery, and much more.   

What will I get?
  • A 10- to 12-minute online survey, customized for your particular category, brand, and situation, fielded at an interval selected by you (e.g., monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, etc.)
  • Survey fielding among the target audience of your choice, using research respondents from the most respected sample providers and/or your own email lists
  • A comprehensive 40- to 60-page PowerPoint style report after each survey wave, which tracks key findings over time (see excerpts from a disguised Research Rabbit report)
  • All survey data, supplied in your choice of the following file formats:  SPSS, SAS, Stat, Excel, dBase, fixed ASCII, or delimited files
What will each wave of my brand tracking survey measure?
  • Importance of category buying criteria for up to 10 client-defined variables
  • Unaided awareness for up to 3 client-defined product or service categories
  • Funnel measures (i.e., aided recognition, favorability, familiarity, purchase consideration, purchase behavior) for your product or service and up to 5 client-defined competitors
  • Dollar share of recent category purchases for your brand
  • Net promoter score for your brand
  • Future purchase probability for your brand
  • Product/service perceptions for your brand
  • Recent exposure to various marketing communications (i.e., advertising, publicity, direct marketing, promotion, online, consumer-generated media) for your brand
  • Product/service perceptions for up to 10 client-defined brand attributes
  • Perceived personality profile for your brand
  • Perceived user perceptions of your brand
  • Strategic perceptions (e.g., relationship, symbolic, quality, and focus perceptions) of your brand
  • Respondent demographics for up to 10 client-defined variables
What will each report include?
  • Executive summary of key findings and trends over time
  • Methodology used to arrive at results
  • Annotated charts and graphs depicting all survey results for the current wave and key measures trended over time
  • Annotated cross-tabulation charts and graphs for up to  two “banner” or “cut” variables (e.g. users versus non-users, males versus females, etc.), as defined by the client
  • Additional analyses deemed suitable by Research Rabbit
What will my study cost?

$5,900 per survey wave, plus sample and incentive costs.  The total per-wave price will be emailed to you following your discussion with a Research Rabbit representative.

Can I get additional customized analyses?

Customized analyses and client-specified research topics not outlined above can be added at an additional charge of $250/hour.  Please discuss your custom needs with a Research Rabbit representative when ordering your study.

How do I get started?

Call us at 404.480.4114.  We’ll answer your questions, help you to scope your project, and then send you a firm price quote.

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